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Image of Research Agency Inc. Research Agency Inc.

This business site was developed to specs using table-less CSS coding to be quick loading and clean.
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BasalWeb Website Design The Paper Muse

This e-commerce start up had created a basic design using Yahoo's SiteBuilder tool. They came to us to create a more professional storefront and to simplfy integration of their 5000 products. We accomplished this through editing of the Yahoo RTML language and creating a customized database set-up making product creation and editing a snap.
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BasalWeb Developer Plushie Planets

This e-commerce start-up was designed to specs. The front end was built with static pages that draw data from the backend Yahoo database. The backend required integration with Yahoo's shopping cart.
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BasalWeb Ecommerce DeveloperLibertas

This sample home page was designed for a medical alarm company.

BasalWeb DesignBaby Broadcast

This e-commerce site required integration with Miva Merchant's shopping cart to maintain the look and feel from the home page to the final invoice page.
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BasalWeb Ecommerce DeveloperThe Scream Team

This sample home page was designed for a unique scary themed mask company.

BasalWeb Ecommerce DeveloperThe Baby Bin

This e-commerce site was developed and maintained by BasalWeb Technologies for over 3 years until it was successfully sold in 2004. The site was developed using a static html front end and dynamic backend featuring Miva Merchant. The store had a constantly revolving inventory of more than 3000 products.
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BasalWeb Ecommerce DeveloperDevenports

This sample home page was designed for an e-commerce company.

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